About us,
  Haven Creek Farm
We started out our adventure in raising Jacob Sheep the early winter of 2013. We immediately fell in love with this  unique, wonderful breed. They are both beautiful, amazing fiber and lean and delicious meat.

We raise our sheep for excellent, high quality breeding stock, show animals, pets, companions, amazing fiber & for high quality, superior nutritional meat. 

We strive to uphold the unique characteristics and standards of the breeds. Our animals are fed on grassy meadows in the summer and the same
high quality grass in the winter. We 
have 100% full blood Jacob sheep and are registered with JSBA.

Our Border Collies are our beloved pets and companions. We have raised and 
loved the breed for over fifteen years. We are not a kennel.Our dogs do not live in cages . Our puppies are farm raised around farm equipment, goats,sheep, horses, cats, kittens, alpacas, livestock, dogs, chickens and lots of children.

Our Border Collies are both ABCA and AKC registered. All our dogs are from excellent working bloodlines and pedigrees, with a line imported from the UK , Zues's Fury and ##WISP.   We take extreme pride in the quality of dogs that are born and raised here on our farm. 

We strive to up hold the  amazing characteristics and the unique personality of the Border Collie breed by limited breeding and high superior quality animals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding any aspect of our farm. We love to share our passion for raising these amazing animals. We are always happy to hear from you!
        Haven Creek Farm
 Jacob Sheep & Border Collies